Plain Taper Gauges


Taper Plug Gauges

Brand : M-Tech Enterprises
Material : OHNS
Measuring Range : 55 MM
Model Name/Number : Tap
Rust Proof : Yes
Surface Treatment : Hardened
Usage/Application : Industrial

Taper Mandrills

Brand : M-Tech Enterprises
Material : Stainless Steel
Size : 5-80 MM
Finish : Polished
Hardness : 60 - 62 HRC

Morse Tapers

Morse Tapers (MT) may be identified either by measuring the large, or the small diameter, the length, or the taper per inch. On the female MT (usually in a machine spindle) it’s difficult to measure the small diameter, the length, or the taper since it’s inside the spindle. Measuring only the largest diameter of the hole at the face (or gage line) of the spindle is all you need to find the correct MT size.