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  • Plain Plug Gauge for Pressure Measurement
  • Plain Plug Gauge for Flow Measurement
  • Temperature Gauge with Thermocouple
  • Electronic Pressure Gauge with Display

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Industrial Plain Plug Gauge is a tool that helps to measure the pressure and temperature of industrial piping systems. It measures the pressure, temperature, and flow of a fluid.

It is a type of manometer that measures pressure through its change in height due to atmospheric air. It helps to understand what features their customers want in terms of design, size, and performance.

It is a feature-based industrial plain plug gauge that helps companies to measure the features of their products in order to meet their needs and expectations from the customer perspective.

Industries we serve: -

Plain plug gauges are used for pressure measurement across a wide range of industries including-

  • Oil & gas
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Water supply
  • Distribution
  • Petrochemical, and
  • Power generation

Characteristics: -

Plain plugs are used in many industries because they are easy to install, can be removed quickly and do not require the use of special tools. They can also be reused without having to be replaced.

These gauges are commonly known for their accuracy in measuring pressure and vacuum levels of fluids. It can also be used for measuring various other measurements such as flow rate and volume.

Plain Plug gauges are easy to use, reliable, durable and accurate in terms of measurement results.

The gauge has an open design which allows users to see how much fluid has been pumped into it without being affected by the external environment like temperature or humidity.

Benefits of using Industrial Plain Plug

Industrial Plain Plug gauge is also known as plain plug or standard plug.

It is more commonly used in the automotive industry because it has a flat surface that can be easily cleaned. The industrial plugs are also more resistant to corrosion and rust than other types of plugs.

It is often used in industrial settings for monitoring and controlling the pressure within systems. They are also used in water, gas, oil, and other fluid systems that require measurement of pressure.