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Why Tungsten Carbide ?

The mere suspicion that carbide is a brittle material had held back its use for quite some time, till a number of actual trials were conducted. It is some 50 years, since tests in the USA indicated that hard metal slips could outlast steel by at least ten times and in certain conditions even 100 times.

Dimensional Stability Ability to Wring Resistance to Corrosion
Resistance to Wear Economy

Mikronix Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges are offered in metric sizes from 0.2mm to 100 mm and in inch sizes from 0.01 to 4 inches. They can be supplied in standard sets to meet any grade of national or international standard. The sets mentioned here are commonly used and manufactured by us; any other sets can be supplied against specific requirement. Metric sets are manufactured with 1mm & 2mm base. Sets of 2mm base are recommended by BS4311 for extra rigidity.